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Ephoe. Whimsical and practical. We're updating the site for May to feature a small collection of summer items and to announce our summer sample sales around Canada and the United States
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Durable Femininity

Epohe combines street wear, evening wear with the durability of outerwear. Feminine has been cast as a dirty word and so practical clothing and bags for women is simply practical, (and not always durable). Feminine also connotates weak when feminity is actually strong. Think of all the humans mauled to death by fearsome mothers of other mammalian species when they feel their cubs are threatened. Women are a symbol of strength and part of this strength is womanhood. All of our clothing is hand-stitched with only a small amount of many designs being produced. We are also launching an app which will allow customers to order custom fitting. We are most known for our messenger bags which are whimsical and waterproof. Starting in the fall of 2017, many of our larger bags will carry a lifetime guarantee for repair or replacement due to basic construction issues. Our construction techniques were trained by tailors from London, techniques which are used in clothing one finds in perfect condition in a vintage store 60 years after it was made. Our fall and winter line will also feature GoreTex lined jackets. and bags. We want you to try our stuff so over the summer, we will be visiting cities across Canada and the United States with our portable pop-up shop which will be open in Chicago's Wicker Park during Pitchfork Festival.

Ephoe handbags, messenger bags and accessories

Permanent collection

We saw women commuting on New York subways or on the Max in Portland with a bag with after work and gym clothes, a mundane backpack with the zipper about to break. We decided to make larger, durable messager bags which wail like a Sleater-Kinney guitar with Diana Ross vocals.
A bag should not detract from a woman's outfit, it should allow women to make a white t-shirt and jeans something spectacular. Starting in fall of 2017, our messenger bags will come with a lifetime warranty as well.


Solid Gold Messenger

This is you on the inside and the outside: solid gold.

Red Sequin Messenger

Evening gown sequins covering a water resistant nylon shell

Purple Rain Messenger

Covering a water resistant nylon shell,

Scottish Highland Purse and Messenger

Boiled Wool with silk-blend print lining More >>

Standing Rock Handbag

Boiled wool with Native and Northwest prints inspired by the integrity and strength of the women at Standing Rock

Bags with a lifetime guarantee coming soon.

Fall 2017: Handstiched Jeans

We swear, the most comfortable pair of jeans you will ever wear. Specialty denim with a flannel lining for both comfort and to add just the right amount of fancy. We researched how the rugged form of work pants was made for prospecters and pioneers then added features for all of you sifiting for gold in the big city.

Fall 2017 preview

Watch the collection under construction and coming to fruition on Instagram

Meanings of the name Ephoe

Ephoe is derived from several metaphysical origins. In astrology, Ephoe means with a life path
The name is also derived from a passage in the Torah describing an Ephod as a garment worn by a high priest. Too many clothes or bags fall into binary categories: plain and practical or elaborate and impractical. You have a life with a path and that path takes you many places. Steve Jobs, before his passing, talked of society becomming urban nomads. We work between cities, we live different stages of our lives in different cities.
Each place has a meaning as you go on your journey. Ephoe is gear made for this new wonderful and nomadic journey.

Beauty: persistant and tough

The elegance of an orca whale arching out of the ocean, the tenacity of the holly branch bearing red berries and emergent among other foliage or the maagesty of a douglas fir. Beauty and durabilty is all around us where Ephoe is made. Utilitarianism doesn't mean anynone should have to sacrifce elegance because nature certainly doesn't.
With the anonymity and rapid replication technology brings, there is a desire for something authetic, things which have a story, the struggle of hands creating something which is more than a product but a piece of you.